For anyone who ever wondered what "being on the sharp end" means. Indeed the combination of physical agility and mental acuity that you develop doing outdoor sports stands you in really good stead in the start-up world.

It's funny how many of our expressions come from the Alpine and also the nautical worlds, like "batten down the hatches", "cut and run". It's fascinating from a linguistic point of view.



Whether it’s summer or winter.

If you celebrate or not.

It doesn’t matter.

We all need a break.

It’s been such a year.

Of reflection and change.

For me, a year of learning.

Zoom breakdowns and bad lighting.

Supermarket deliveries.

Grapefruit kombucha.

An innocent indulgence.

If kept to one a day.

A year where we scraped the barrel.

Of our own resistance.

Immune system feeling worn.

But holding up through it all.

I am full of hope.

For the new year.

For new ways of being.

And deeper learning.

On a grand scale.

Take a break.

We need a break.

I’m taking one.

And I hope you can too.